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washing hands with soap and water
Sinks are plumbing appliances that are used on a daily basis and are essential in the kitchen and bathroom.  Bathroom sinks are most often used for brushing teeth and washing the face and hands.  This sink features a brushed stainless faucet and a basin that is large enough to comfortably scrub hands without the worry of splashing water.

"Be sure to wash your hands!" How many times did your mother say this to you when you were a child?

The fact is, the world is full of germs and viruses that threaten to make us ill. We pick up many of these germs and viruses on the body part that most comes in contact with other people and things—our hands. We use our hands to shake the hands of other people, open doors, and handle items in public places. We have no way of knowing what microscopic, invisible germs live on the things we touch.

Why are the germs that land on our hands more of a health hazard than, say, the germs that land on our feet? Because we often bring our hands to our mouths to eat, yawn, cough, or tend to our teeth.

Two types of germs typically end up on our hands. The first type of germ comes from the respiratory system, and is responsible for illnesses such as the flu virus or rhinovirus. The second type of germ comes from our digestive tract, and is responsible for illnesses like E Coli, Salmonella, and other illnesses that can cause serious vomiting and diarrhea. Both respiratory and digestive illnesses can be life threatening.

How long can a germ live on your hand? It depends on the type. Respiratory germs tend to have a short lifespan, while those from the digestive tract can last several hours or days.

Since we can't see these microscopic germs, the best line of defense is to rid your hands of the offending germs and viruses by washing them. Wash your hands frequently throughout the day, after visiting the bathroom, after shaking hands with people, after touching doorknobs and surfaces in public places, and before eating.

Many people focus on washing their hands without realizing how important the drying process is. If hands remain wet or damp, they provide the perfect environment for germs and viruses to breed.

If your goal is to reduce the likelihood of illness, banish germs and viruses by practicing good hand washing hygiene.

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Washing Hands with Soap and Water